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1)Have you ever wondered?
a)If people form Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called Holes?
b)If we were to help others, what are others here for?
c)Why don't people say,"Its only a game when their team is winning?"
2)When is it time to diet?
Answer: When you go to the zoo and the elephant throws peanuts at you.
3)One day the teacher asked a student," If a hen laid 1 egg in a day, how many eggs will it lay in 1 week"?
The boy said," 6 eggs, ma'am".
"How come?"
"Its because Sunday is a holiday."
4)A person went to a doctor and said,"Wherever I touch myself, it hurts."
The doctor said after a lot of examinations,"Your finger is broken."
5)This is what the duck said while buying lipstick,"Put it on my bill."
6)The mosquito died when she entered the elephant's house when the elephant was sleeping because the elephant had put on the mosquito repellant.
7)Once a teacher asked a student,"Why does wood float on water?"
The student replied,"Er......Ma'm..........its because wood knows how to swim."

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