HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language.

It mainly consists of tags. An open tag must be closed(except for some tags like <BR>)
Tags always begin with a " < " sign and end with a " >" sign.
To do HTML coding, you have to open Notepad. Go to Accessories, then Notepad. You can also do HTML coding in Microsoft FrontPage which is available at the website.
Another thing I want to tell you:
After you finish your coding on a page, save it in a directory or disk or anywhere you wish to.
Suppose you have saved a file named html, give it the extension ".htm".
While saving, don't use the option "save". Use "save as". It doesn't make any difference at all whether you give the extension as ".htm" or ".html".
After saving the file in, say, C:\ drive, open your browser, type the following in the address bar:
Here is a typical HTML document:
My first webpage
This is the body of document
You can save the above file as html.htm in your C:\ drive and run it to see how this simple document will work in a browser. The browser should, under normal circumstances, show the page you have created and named as html.htm.
Following are the topics I will cover in this tutorial:

Basic HTML tags
Heading, line and paragraph breaks
Manipulating font size and color
The art of linking
Linking within the same page
Adding images to your page
Making an image a link
Add lists to your page
Add a background color
Add a background image to your page
Let people send you mail
Add music to your page
Add forms to your pages
Tables in HTML
Meta refresh

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